Pastor Ryan Michael Buckland was licensed to preach in the African Methodist Episcopal Church at the age of seventeen, and after many years of practicing his gift God called him to Pastor Faith Hope Baptist Church in New Brunswick NJ.  Under his leadership Faith Hope Baptist Church has grown both numerically and spiritually.  Over the years, Pastor Buckland has loved preaching and teaching the word of God through revivals, lecturers, conferences, seminars, and various services throughout the tri-state area. Not only is Pastor Buckland blessed with the call to preach, he is also known for being a talented musician who has played for various churches over the past 25 years. Pastor Buckland’s passion for success has been both an inspiration and motivation to all those around him.
    In addition to Pastor Buckland’s other roles he is licensed funeral director and the owner of the Buckland Funeral Home in Somerville, New Jersey. Over the years he has served the state of New Jersey with such deep compassion and sensitivity.  His willingness to serve has propelled him to succeed in every aspect of his life. Pastor Buckland is an active member of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), National Funeral Directors & Mortician Association (NFDMA), New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association(NJSFDA), President of the Garden State Funeral Directors Association(GSFDA) and the President of the Middlesex and Somerset County Funeral Directors Association(MSCFDA). Pastor Buckland is the proud husband to Kye Buckland.